Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bethany Hamilton

In Hawaii, there is a girl named Bethany Hamilton. Some may know her as the Soul Surfer. Bethany lost her arm in a shark attack so everyone thought she was going to stop surfing-- but she didn't. She knew that God has a plan for her.
Bethany has her own book. Here is a bit from it--

"God has a plan!!
I didn't plan on losing my left arm in a shark attack on October 31,2003. I didn't plan on having to learn to surf all over again, and I certainly didn't plan on becoming famous. I never thought I'd wright a book, or throw out the first pitch at a New York Yankees baseball game, or talk to people all over the world who have lost limbs in wars and accidents.
One thing I did plan on doing was whatever God wanted me to do. I wanted my plan to be His plan, no matter what."

From Bethany's book called Soul Surfer devotions.

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